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Overview of J. K. Rowling
Talk given Nov, 2018 about Rowling's unique writing style before group trip to see Crimes of Grindelwald.

Story Outlining Series:

Story Developer #1: Capturing the Cosmos

Story Developer #2: Putting Your Idea to the Test

Story Developer #3: Plots and Pants

Story Developer #4: Conflict Management

Story Developer #5: Rounding Out Your Characters

Story Developer #6: Bad Endings

Story Developer #7a: Putting It All Together

Story Developer #7b: Putting It All Together

Deep Editing Series:

Editing 1: Pre-Editing:  The Cloud, Story Drivers, Story Structures, First Read Through, Series/Motiff

Editing 2: Series: Working with Series, Series Grid, Key Scenes, Theme, Story as a Whole, Scrivener

Editing 3: Cutting: Word Count, Timekeeper, Values, Acts, Scenes, Beat Sheet, Synopsis

Editing 4: Scenes: Scenes: Scene vs. Sequel, Scene Eval, Character Driven, Plot Points, First and Last Page, Links.

Editing 5: POV, MRU: Point of view and Motivation/Reaction Units

Editing 6: Tension: Conflict, Emotion, Visceral Response

Editing 7: Dialogue: Between the quotes

Editing 7: Environment: Setting, Physical description, Mood

Editing 8: Action: Body Language, Facial Expression, Lies, Touch

Editing 9: Thought: Inner Dialogue, Backstory, Exposition, Color Analysis

Editing 10: Voice & Final Buffing: Rhetorical Devices, Word Searches, Your Voice

Editing Bonus Session: Publishing: Broad overview of ways to Publish in 2020