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How to use Google Slides to watch a Presentation


Perfect Pitch: Learn to give a pitch an agent can't ignore.


Overview of J. K. Rowling
Talk given Nov, 2018 about Rowling's unique writing style before group trip to see Crimes of Grindelwald.

Ready, Set, Write for NaNoWriMo

Ready Set Write 

Story Outlining Series:

Story Developer #1: Capturing the Cosmos

Story Developer #2: Putting Your Idea to the Test

Story Developer #3: Plots and Pants

Story Developer #4: Conflict Management

Story Developer #5: Rounding Out Your Characters

Story Developer #6: Bad Endings

Story Developer #7a: Putting It All Together

Story Developer #7b: Putting It All Together

Deep Editing Series:

Editing 1: Pre-Editing:  The Cloud, Story Drivers, Story Structures, First Read Through, Series/Motiff

Editing 2: Series: Working with Series, Series Grid, Key Scenes, Theme, Story as a Whole, Scrivener

Editing 3: Cutting: Word Count, Timekeeper, Values, Acts, Scenes, Beat Sheet, Synopsis

Editing 4: Scenes: Scenes: Scene vs. Sequel, Scene Eval, Character Driven, Plot Points, First and Last Page, Links.

Editing 5: POV, MRU: Point of view and Motivation/Reaction Units

Editing 6: Tension: Conflict, Emotion, Visceral Response

Editing 7: Dialogue: Between the quotes

Editing 7: Environment: Setting, Physical description, Mood

Editing 8: Action: Body Language, Facial Expression, Lies, Touch

Editing 9: Thought: Inner Dialogue, Backstory, Exposition, Color Analysis

Editing 10: Voice & Final Buffing: Rhetorical Devices, Word Searches, Your Voice

Editing Bonus Session: Publishing: Broad overview of ways to Publish in 2020