2024 AZ Authors Literary Contest


AZ Authors Association Literary Contest and Awards

Unpublished                                                                 Published                                                                              

Poems                                                                                                Fiction
Short Stories                                                                                     Nonfiction
Essays/Review                                                                                  Children (Under 12)
Novel, Novella                                                                                  Teen/Young Adult
                                                                                                          Oldie but Goldie Fiction
                                                                                                          Oldie but Goldie Nonfiction
                                                                                                          Oldie but Goldie Youth

One Grand Prize of $500

Three First Prizes of $200
Three Second Prizes of $100
Three Third Prizes of $75
Three Fourth Prizes of $50
Eleven Best-of-Category Prizes $25

Unpublished Poetry and Short Story Best of Category will be 
Nominated for the Pushcart Prize


Two-page evaluations available for

unpublished works and

self-published novels and memoirs!

All winners will be featured in the 2024 Arizona Authors Literary MagazineSince it began in 1978, the Arizona Literary Magazine has launched the careers of many authors.

>>>DEADLINE: June 1, 2024<<< 

Deep Editing #3 Opens Jan 15th


Happy New Year! 

To celebrate the coming of 2024 I have a gift for you. I’m so excited about this third Deep Editing webinar. I’ve put a lot of work and research into this one.

It contains three videos: One on using motifs or “series” to enhance your story elements like setting or characters. Another video on how many iterations and the timing of your iterations. And one on less often seen plot structures that can still be useful for some stories. These videos include four exercises to help you solidify the information in your memory.

Then I take you on an optional four-video deep dive into Rowling’s use of eleven story structures, layered one on top of the other, that created the amazing world of Hogwarts and the depth of texture in her Harry Potter series. One of the videos is about her now famous Ring Writing structure. Another will introduce you to her incredible take on Literary Alchemy.

As usual, I have included handouts with the slides and script so you can read along or take notes. Includes exercises to help you get acquainted with other local writers and improve your writing skills. I have scheduled three Ask Me Anything Sessions. And you can contact me any time for more help with these concepts.

The best part? The course is free!

The course starts 1/15/24 but you can register now.  




C. Alex Smith started her writing career as a political blogger in 2008. She was invited to be one of three editors of a well-researched weekly blog concerning economics, politics, environmental concerns, medicine, and science. She was instrumental in getting the blog reposted on several political news sites and maintained the blog's social media presence. 

She moved on in 2014 and became the host of Spec Fix Pix, a podcast for fans of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror. 

After moving back to Arizona in 2018, she became a co-founder of Flagstaff Writers Connection. She continues to work for FWC to maintain its internet presence, host the local Critique Circle, and provide occasional workshops and courses on writing and the publishing industry.

Since 2008 she has been writing science fiction and alternate history. She has seven complete manuscripts. Two of her manuscripts took second place at the Arizona Authors Association Literary Contest. One of the manuscripts is currently a finalist in the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Contest.